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We strive to prepare our students for ministry in whatever situation God leads them to after college. We have alumni serving as camp directors, business leaders, missionaries, coaches, and more across the state of Arkansas and beyond. These are their stories.  

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Andrew Martin

Assistant Director - Camp War Eagle

BCM is incredible. As I look back at the ways I grew in college, I now see that it all hinged on my experience in the BCM. During my time in BCM I was trained in discipleship and relational evangelism. Working full time at camp I have the opportunity to put that training into practice every day! Farley is an incredibly patient leader, and his guidance has led me to be more like Christ. I'm very appreciative of the way the Lord used the BCM in my life. 

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Hunter Lively 

Assistant Athletic Director - Henderson State University 

Seven years ago I came to Henderson State looking for purpose and a home. I found both of those after joining the BCM. In my two years of being a part of the BCM ministry, I learned valuable leadership skills and Gospel-centered outreach lessons that have stuck with me to this day. I’ll forever be grateful for the investments that were made there to develop a relationship with and mold me into the man God’s called me to be. It’s changed my life forever, and I’m so glad I found my family there!


Lauren Gilleran

Teacher - Lake Hamilton Middle School 

I can’t think back on college and not think of the BCM. The friends I made, the events I attended, the spiritual growth I experienced, and the person I became after 4 years all hinged on God’s work through the BCM. It was my safe place that also pushed out of my comfort zone. It’s the place I learned and grew in my spiritual gift of teaching, which is now my career! I’m a better wife, friend, teacher, and Jesus follower because of the family I found at BCM. 

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